Pray this with Pastor Mike


  1. I arrest and silence every accusation in the atmosphere over my life in Jesus name.
  1. Let the sound of the voice of the enemy repeating their pronouncement in my mind to negate the goodness coming to me be silenced in Jesus name.
  1. Any power setting up evil committee to deliberate over my breakthrough, I command you to die in Jesus name.
  1. Any power raising up problems or affliction against me to stop my breakthrough die in Jesus name.
  1. Any wicked powers and personalities bringing problem at the point of conclusion of my breakthrough, die in Jesus name.
  1. By the power of the Holy Spirit I command every demonic man or woman in the spirit blocking my ways to surrender and give way for my breakthrough in Jesus name.
  1. Any witchcraft powers manipulating those that are supposed to help me or bless me in order to stop them die in Jesus name.
  1. Evil veils that make my helpers not to have interest in helping or blessing my life, be removed by fire in Jesus name.
  1. O God of mercy let my helper have compassion and favour me in the name of Jesus.