Overcoming Failures

Bible/Reading: 2 Tim. 3:1-17, Text: Deut. 31:1-6
It is not the wish of God for us to fail. A lot of people failed in academics, marriages, businesses and welfare etc. Failure can be seen in either physical or spiritual perspectives.

Physical Failure means
· To be rejected
· To be bankrupt
· To be weak
· To fall short
· To be unsuccessful
· To come to an end.

What is spiritual failure? It means;
· Inability to put your talent to use.
· It is doing the usual things and experiencing failure.
· It is not doing what you supposed to do.
· It is working differently against your own aim.
· Inability to live Godly life.
· It is running backward.
· It is not prospering in all areas of life.
· Leaving the world worse than you met it.
· It is not performing your best.

Some fact to know about Failure
· You can recover again (Prov. 24:16).
· Failure is a terrible thing (Prov. 19:7).
· Failure brings loneliness.
· There’s no external failure without internal agents.
· The greatest vehicle for failure is laziness and sleep.
· Celebrated failure does not last.
· Failure is an event and not a person.
· Most failures are expert in making excuses.
· A powerful key to failure is trying to please everybody.

Why people Fail (Agents of Failure)
· People fail because of the love of money.
· Love for sex (case study; Sampson, Reuben).
· The love for power.
· Frustration (don’t be discourage).
· Negative thoughts (prov. 23: 7).
· Evil confession.
· Disobedient.
· Lack of integrity and bad character.
· Prayerlessness.
· Foundational problems.
· Curse of non-achievements.
· Carelessness with dreams.

Way out of Failure
· Give your life to Jesus. He is your way.
· Keep pushing. Some closed doors are close but not lock.
· Fervent prayers. Don’t forget your prayer request soon. Pray until something happen.
· Don’t give up on God. He will answer when you persist.
· Live a holy life. Without holiness, no one will see God.

Action point
Run after the giver of money, love, satisfaction and other things you may desire. Abundance and satisfaction is in God.

· Any power that want me to fail, catch fire in Jesus name.
· Any power that is looking for my downfall, die.
· Power of failure in my life, go back to your sender.
· Strongman of failure, i am not your candidate, therefore, die.

· My father, arise and purify my tongue in the name of
· Every curse of non-achievement that is working against
my life, break in Jesus name.
· Any evil covenant between me and the spirit of failure,
break in Jesus name.
· I refuse to fail at the edge of my miracle. Failure shall not
be my lot, in the name of Jesus.